New For 2006
Corn Burning Furnace

A renewable and cost effective heat source - Corn.

St. Croix's corn furnace suppliews supplemental heat in conjunction with
your present heating system, or it can be used as a stand-alone heater.

A unique clinker and ash removal system allows continuous furnace operation.

- Extended Heat exchange surface
- 200 Pound Corn Hopper
- Large Clinker & Ash Pan
- Convenient Fire Viewing Glass
- Direct, Thru-the-Wall Venting
- Two speed Hot Air Blower
- DigitalControl Board
- Room Thermostat Control


Each stove is designed with a convenient easy to understand control panel that makes heat output adjustment simple. When you turn up the dial, the air ration automatically rises with the heat.

If you desire even more convienience, your stove may be connected to a wall thermostat. When it isn't needed, your stove will drop to it's lowest heat setting. This will assure hours of unattended, even heat.


Each stove comes equipped with a self-cleaning grate system. This allows the stove to burn a wide variety of fuels with minimum shutdown. All models feature convenient ash drawers. With just a couple of tugs on the grate scraper, virtually any residual ash is dropped into the ash drawer. No other pellet stove can go so long between cleanings.


A pellet stove is very easy to light manually. However, many consumers like being able to light their units at the push of a button. Our ignitor system gives you a reliable automatic ignition system. Oh! It will also relight the stove after a power failure. Now that's convenience!


  • Gold Plated Doors and Trims that won't tarnish
  • Built in heat tube scraper - makes cleaning the heat exchanger a breeze
  • Quiet operating motors and fans - our research has found what we believe to be among the most reliable and quiet components available today
  • Large ceramic glass allows for safe, durable view of the fire
  • Optional ceramic logs make viewing the fire even more realistic
St. Croix offers eight models of stoves in both pellet burning and corn burning varieties. Select any of our stoves from the list below to view more information about that model.

Pellet Burning Stoves Corn Burning Stoves
Afton Bay
A great looking stove with handsome bay front
Class leading corn burning technology
Prescott EXL
Classic wood stove styling, shown with optional gold
Modern technology in a compact size
Prescott EXP
Efficient price, exceptional performance
Class leading technology, beautiful looks
Cast iron looks, high tech features

St. Croix Corn Stoves are 2003 and 2004Vesta Award winners!
Fireplace insert with modern conveniences

For other models like this, please visit St. Croix's website


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